Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Getting in on the ground floor isn't all it's cracked up to be...

And it's all Carlos & Christi's fault.

Yeah, I'm griping about my new obsession again. Hellsing is a relatively new anime even in Japan... which means there aren't that many English-language fans out there yet. Which means there are very few English-language resources for the series... and an almost disgustingly small amount of fanfic. In desperation, I'm reading Alucard X Ceres lemon, because, damn it, at least Integra's in it most of the time. The only fic I've found has been on the Pit of Voles... there isn't a SINGLE Yahoo group devoted to Hellsing fanfic. Correction: now there's one. Because I started it.

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I've been spoiled by Buffy.

I'm writing myself, of course. That songfic I mentioned the other day - although it's turned into a major, serious piece. And it doesn't seem to be possible to write (good) Hellsing fluff.

I suppose you could write it about Alucard.

(And that's where I fall on the name debate... "Alucard" is, of course, "Dracula" backwards. Arucard my ass.)

I need to get me a livejournal to put up fic snippets.

Still not king... not even a No Life King.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

I went to Worldcon and had a fabulous time. Saw lots of friends, went to good panels, bought cool buttons in the dealers' room, enjoyed San Jose and the day we spent in San Francisco. There will be more, but I have to do four fifteen-minute writes for my creative writing class. Blogging, unfortunately, doesn't count.

I need to get a button that says, "Still not king."