Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Is it just me, or do all national anthems sound vaguely alike?

And the Australians - at least the rugby players singing along tonight - can't seem to decide how fast their anthem should be sung. Everyone's singing at a slightly different rate. Perhaps it's like Hogwarts' that way. "Everybody pick your favorite tempo, and away we go!"

Weekend Update: regardless of anything else, Jane will be wearing shoes at her wedding. Now, if her dress would just arrive....

I've been on a reading kick lately. I'm always reading something, but lately I've been reading a lot. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's due to the political mess of last week; it's hard to concentrate on writing when the act of doing so gets me grinding my teeth in aggravation. And the clueless commentary on my blog hasn't helped... it's not enough that I've left the fucking group, they have to follow me to my haven and harrass me here. Of course I didn't tell the whole story. Quoting the correspondence of a private list is WRONG. (And I'm sure if I had ignored that particular point of netiquette, I would be getting blasted for THAT. We have achieved whole new levels of "Catch-22.") The only messages I can use here are my own. Thus, only my side of the story shows up. I thought I was being very fair about relaying the particulars of the question that inspired my post. But then, I thought I was being fair about the whole damned situation, from the beginning. Harsh, perhaps, but fair. Obviously people disagree with me - but the people whose opinions I trust and respect do not. I trust their opinions in part because they've demonstrated to me, time and again, that they have a solid understanding of standard written English. They have assured me that, using the relevant rules of the language, I said exactly what I claimed to be saying. That I am neither crazy nor hallucinating, and the reactions of my attackers are downright peculiar.

I am reassured.

With any luck, this will be the LAST I will have to say about the whole situation.

Still my opinion, I could still be wrong, and I'm still. not. king.