Thursday, July 04, 2002

Something I'm not going to get into...

...much as I might like to. My knowledge of the facts as they stand is extremely limited, so I will withhold most judgement until after I have all (or at least most) of them.

Felicity, who had volunteered to be the THEM Anime webmaster, and design the page for the relaunch scheduled for July 1st. She bowed out June 30 - without warning. Carlos reported it on his blog, without even mentioning who the departing webmaster was.

And now, Carlos's blog is gone. Completely. Archives and all.

Felicity had been courteous enough to host it.

Her blog is gone too - reformatted into a "book blog," with the comments section mysteriously gone.

Now, I'm not accusing Felicity of destroying Carlos's blog in a fit of pique. I don't know. I wasn't there, I didn't see the emails that may have passed between them.

I'll just say this...

I have a profound appreciation for the written word (English major, writer, blogger - who woulda guessed, right?). I also have a fundamental belief in the importance of fulfiling your positions of trust - especially safeguarding precious things given you by friends. And, while Felicity has problems with the idea - staying true to your friends, even when you're mad at them, is important. "Don't blow up the bridge you're standing on," as Lois McMaster Bujold put it. So... someone who, in a fit of pique, destroys a friend's web site, containing months of creative expression... three mortal sins, all in one rm-r *.*! Gotta be some kind of new record.

And mortal sins? Not like venial sins. Venial sins, you can just say a couple of 'Hail Marys' and be on your merry way - or, rather, grovel to your friends for a few minutes and be fine. Mortal sins... well... it takes a lot to forgive one. Three? Don't know if it's possible.

Carlos, I feel for you.

Still not king.

Sunday, June 30, 2002

Well, I was going to analyze the personality test question by question and describe my problems with it, but blogger made it disappear round about question #9. Rather than do it over, I'm just going to say this: the personality disorder test is not a diagnostic tool. The results produced by the test are laughable at best, and not meant to be taken seriously. The test is not long enough or involved enough, and the questions should have been phrased on a varying scale, rather than as simple yes/no, if the test wasn't going to be made longer. A hint to the seriousness of a diagnostic test will be that the same question is asked several times, in more than one way - looking for consistency of thought as well as acting as a "bullshit detector" for people pretending to be disturbed.

Instead, what I did was a little research into the disorders I scored "high" on.

Narcissistic: This page has an excellent description of Narcissism, translated from the DSM-IV criteria to regular layman's English. She also has a list of traits common to narcissists... and maybe I'm just being narcissistic ;) but this doesn't sound much like me. To me, anyway.

Histrionic: This page has a fairly good description of the Histrionic Personality disorder... and you know, I just don't buy it as a description of my own personality.

So don't necessarily believe the results of the "test" - they're inaccurate, at best.

Still not king.