Saturday, June 22, 2002

You can now leave comments. Whee!

Nick's playing Neverwinter Nights.

Last night we had a THEM gathering for the first time since school got out - we went to Wong's, then we came back here and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Princess Bride. One of our party had never seen it (amazingly enough), and not only was it delightful sharing it with him, it was fun watching him "get" all the references. (He kept saying, "Oh! They used that on Mystery Science Theatre...") I am reminded of why it's my favorite movie. We have the special edition DVD, which has a brand-new making-of documentary, with interviews of the (surviving) members of the cast, and all kinds of nifty stuff. It also has audio commentary tracks from both director Rob Reiner and author / scriptwriter William Goldman.

One more week of summer school left.

No sign of being king yet.

Friday, June 21, 2002

REM's Next Big Hit: Loosing My Religion

Spelling lesson. Pay attention, there will be a test later.

According to the literary tag team of Merriam and Webster:

LOOSE can be an adjective, in various contexts meaning "not rigidly fastened or securely attached, having worked partly free from attachments, having relative freedom of movement, not tight-fitting, free from a state of confinement, restraint, or obligation, not brought together in a bundle, container, or binding, DISCONNECTED, DETACHED, lacking in restraint or power of restraint,lacking in precision, exactness, or care." As a verb, LOOSE means to release, to free from restraint, to untie, detach, discharge, relax, or fire.

LOSE, on the other hand, is a verb. In passive construction, it means to bring to destruction or damn. More actively, it means to to miss from one's possession or from a customary or supposed place, to suffer deprivation of or part with, especially in an unforeseen or accidental manner, to fail to use, let slip by, waste, to fail to win, gain, or obtain. Competition-wise, it means to undergo defeat or to fail to catch. Losing something is to fail to keep, sustain, or maintain it. You can lose yourself, in a literal sense, by missing your way or bearings, or more figuratively, by wandering , or going astray from something or somewhere. You can lose someone else by outstripping them, or by falling behind and failing to keep them in sight or mind.

I can lose something by loosing it. If I manage to lose my pursuers, I'll consider myself loose. Loosing your hair means pulling out the rubber band; losing your hair means getting a prescription for Rogaine. If you lose your morals, you can become loose - but please be mindful of the difference between a fallen woman and one who has merely tripped.

Lost yet?

Michael Stipe can't find his religion, but he didn't let it go first.

All right? (Yes, children, that's supposed to be TWO words. "Alright" would NOT be pronounced the same way, and it really shouldn't have the same meaning; depending on the language, al- means before or near, like "alliterative;" or out of or from, like "alchemist.")

Homework: share your lesson with others. I admit it would be nice if Americans traditionally became fluent in a second language, but it'd be nice if they gained full fluency in their native language first. Granted, English is a difficult language to learn - but you're supposed to learn it before you find that out.

Going to bed now.

Still not king.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Avoiding homework, again.

The Vague But Nice Quiz by blusteryvirgin

Hey, I'm like Felicity.

And speaking of Felicity, on her blog, she visited the MaggieFic Mary Sue Generator recently. The Mary Sue name she got was Angelique Ravenwing (for those of you not in the know, my legal first name is Angelique - though I became 'Angel' within hours of my birth, avoiding the whole traditional-baby phase of being called by your whole name). Somewhat irritated, (That's NOT FUCKING FUNNY) I visited the site too.

My Mary Sue name?

Remember, this is TOTALLY random, and it WAS the name I got the first time I pushed the button...

Felicitie Havenworth.

Now, that IS funny.

Other facts about "Felicitie:"

Eye Color: Passionate Violet (passionate is a color?)
Hair Color: Abundant Titian (abundant is now also a color?)
Signature Scent: Ivory Lilies (those white lilies are SO five minutes ago)
Paranormal Powers: Speaks to Animals (mostly, "Gari, get back in the house.")
Specialized Skill: Linguistics Expert (actual quote from me earlier tonight: "If you're going to massacre the Spanish language, at least do it correctly!)
Distinguishing Mark: Intriguing Scar ("Golly, Felicitie, how'd you get that scar?" "I asked too many annoying personal questions. Now you get one too.")
Newly Revealed Relationship to a Major Character: Anya's Shady ex-lover (But I dumped her, because the bitch never shut up.)

(On the couch, actually, but...)

Still not king. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, June 17, 2002

U.S. whipped Mexico! Woo!

The value of a promise

I'm about ready to drive up to {another state north of here} and murder Jane's parents - after making sure they have sufficient life insurance, of course. They've promised, repeatedly, to fund her upcoming wedding. They even allegedly took out a small loan, for the purpose of paying for it. At this point, they only actual cash they've coughed up is for her dress, which is (thankfully) safely ordered. Other than that - nothing but repeatedly broken promises. She's missed confirmation deadline after deadline - and it's only the fact that she's getting married on a weekday that's allowed her to hang on to most of her vendors. She's fed up, I'm fed up... and at this point, she just wishes they would either fork over the cash or admit that they're not going to, so she can gather funding in other ways.

What infuriates me is the pattern of lies and broken promises. Lying is bad. Lying about money is REALLY bad, particularly when the person you're lying to is counting on that money to meet an obligation. Lying to your children is just disgusting (for the record, perpetuating the myths of childhood doesn't count as lying). Lying to your adult child, who can catch you at it, is just plain stupid. So, the great question - are they being malicious? Or just stupid? And if they treat her this way, what does this say for the rest of their financial situation? (And the $64,000 question - did they actually get the loan, or was that a lie too? If they did, what did they do with it? Why do they keep putting off sending the check?)

The whole king idea? Still waiting on it.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Happy Father's Day to My Dad.

I rejoined the list I was having problems with. All seems to be forgiven (please come home) because I've been asked to be on the Awards Committee for the First Annual Colton Awards, the Joe fanfic/art awards currently being created and designed on-list. It's primarily because I'm in the awards-heavy Buffy fandom, so I have lots of places to check for the way Other People Have Done It - but I'm still pleased and flattered to be included.

I was going to talk about something else, but I can't remember what... oh, well. Still not king, anyway.