Tuesday, September 24, 2002

This blog will no longer be updated.

Check out my livejournal for future blogging, updates on my progress towards becoming king (not there yet), and all kinds of fic madness.

That is all.

Monday, September 23, 2002

Decorating a Cube

My former cubemate had a warm, fuzzy post-9/11 poem about how we are All One. (snerk) Now that she's gone, so is the fuzzypoem. In its place, courtesy of Christi, I have this.

I also have pictures of Dave, Nick, and A---,a white board that says, "I want to move to Theory. Everything works there," four beanie babies (the iguana, dalmation, and squirrel from the McDonald's promo and a red bull [sans wings] that came with flowers one Flower-Giving Holiday [V-day, I think]), and two teeny witches. (My boss gave me the witches. My boss is kewl.) Other charming decorator touches include the Harry Potter mug, many pens in interesting colors, and a half-empty box of Gobstoppers. (Okay, that's not so much a decorator touch as a lifestyle choice.)

Not king. Kings have offices.

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current music: Dave Matthews Band - "Everyday"

Saturday, September 21, 2002

One of the niftiest things about Livejournal (I say on my blogspot blog...) is the community - that's the whole point of the thing, I suppose, but actually being in the midst of it is just incredible. I can't believe how many people I know on LJ. I also like the little tool I have that tells me when one of my friends has updated their ljs (and then it neatly shows up all in one place). No wandering aimlessly from site to site, wondering if anybody's said anything.

Still thinking about moving my actual blog over there. Opinions? If I move over to Livejournal, will you, faithful reader, follow?

Not that I've been doing a lot of updating over here, anyway....


Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I have bronchitis, which in this particular incarnation feels like something heavy is sitting on my chest. There is very little that sucks more than struggling to breathe - it's not something you can take a break from.


Definitely not king.

Saturday, September 14, 2002

I finally have a livejournal. :) Current plan is to make it a ficblog, where I post fics-in-progress and little snippets that don't appear to be going anywhere. It's here, if you want to follow it.

Although the more I use LJ, the more I'm thinking about moving at least this blog over there... I like the tools.

We'll see.

Still not king, though.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

The Coltons have been shut down in the mid-voting stage. The explanation is up on the site, and - despite the "congrats, nominees" speech, the nominees list has been taken down. Forgive me if I'm not shocked that this particular group is having... personality issues... in this particular project.

As you may know, the Pit of Voles has decided to take down all NC-17 stories. So, until I get off my arse and publish my own web site, this may be your last chance to read two of my Colton-nominated stories, "Green Grapes of Proserpine" and "Halls of High Disgraces." Follow the "My Fanfiction" link in the left-hand column to get there. Also going away (until I find a new place to put them): "Ingredients, Warning Labels, and Carpet Fibers" and the "There All Along" series. Read 'em now. Yeah, and if anybody wants to design a home page for me, let me know. I have a place to put it, even, just not the Mad Skillz to html. A l33t hax0r I am not.

Nor am I king.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Happy birthday, A---

I wasn't going to say anything about the fact that it's The Anniversary (just like that, all in caps). I was just going to wish A---- a happy birthday and be done with it. Then I read Felicity's rather snotty entry for today, and it was sufficient to piss me off enough to make me write more.

I'm celebrating 9/11 by doing the same things I do every Wednesday - doing homework, going to class, etc. I'm hoping to get out of class early so I can go help A--- enjoy her birthday at Bandersnatch. Yes, and 'celebrating' is the right word - I'm not mourning or commemorating or anything like that. I'm bloody well celebrating.

I remember. I still get the same sick, sinking feeling when I see the Towers footage. I remember fear, and horror, and terror. I stayed home that day, because I was worried about my mom, who works in Washington, DC. I watched the news obsessively. I saw people jump out of the building - and that's something that stays with you. But the next day I went to work, and the day after that I went to class. And while I spent plenty of time glued to the TV after that - when the new question was "Did they find anyone else?" and when you walked into a room with a TV, you got an update - life went on. And so I'm celebrating 9/11 - because they tried to break us, and it didn't work. Those who consider themselves our enemy hate without understanding. They don't get what makes America so special.

Felicity, It WAS a tragedy - people died. Lots of them. Nobody I knew, thank God, but friends of friends. All over the Internet, the question went up - who's in New York? who's in DC? Is everybody all right? There was a bit of panic over on the THEM list because Traykor was at Columbia, in Manahattan. She watched the events unfold literally outside her window. Fortunately, she was all right - but she lost people. If it didn't affect you personally and directly, you should be thanking God that it was so, NOT belittling the pain of others. I'm leaving the TV off today, because I DON'T want to watch it again. I have grieved, and I have let go ... and now I'm going to live.

Yeah, and one day I'm gonna be king.